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California State Horsemen's Association Region One

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Horsey Items of Interest
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The GGNRA is in the process of proposing new guidelines for the presence of horses in the park.  The draft preferred alternative has been chosen and is open for public comment until Dec.16th. You can view the whole plan, which affects Miwok Stables, Presidio Riding Club, the NPS mounted patrol and the Golden Gate Dairy (Ocean Riders) at Muir Beach at


We are very glad that the draft preferred alternative chosen for public comment intends to keep horses at Miwok, Presidio Riding Club and the Golden Gate Dairy.  For the past fifty years horses have been at the Golden Gate Dairy.  People who pass by often stop to watch the horses play, to walk around and see the horses in the stalls and talk with the people who are here working with the horses.  We hope this will continue for the next fifty years, but proposed changes would remove the stalls and put all the horses out of the view of the public by relocating the stables behind the old dairy buildings. 


We believe if their chosen alternative for the General Management Plan is 'connecting people to places' then the horses are what will be drawing the public in to learn about the historic Golden Gate Dairy. 


We hope that you will look a the proposed plan and if you agree that keeping horse stables visible at the Golden Gate Dairy, easily seen by passers by are important goals, please contact the NPS or Superintendent Frank Dean (Fort Mason Building 201, San Francisco, CA 94123) and tell them what you think.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion on this issue that is so vital to keeping the presence of horses alive in Marin.




A rare opportunity to purchase 1,500 acres of equestrian trails and open space has presented itself in Solano County. But Solano Land Trust must raise at least $5.5 million more before February 28, 2012 or this opportunity may be lost forever.


Protecting Rockville Trails would add significantly to trail riding opportunities in the region. Trails on the property range from flat terrain with easy, wide fire roads to challenging hill-topping. Rockville Trails also boasts great natural beauty and is easily accessible off of I-80. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!


Background on Rockville Trails

Earlier this year, a settlement in a decades-long legal conflict made it possible to permanently protect Rockville Trails from development.  The agreement makes way for the property to be preserved as habitat, open space, and public trails. If Solano Land Trust is able to raise sufficient funds to purchase the property, it could ultimately connect trails and open space from Fairfield to Skyline Wilderness Park in the Napa Valley and the Napa River as part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The trails on the property would be open to equestrians, hikers, and bikers.


The terms of the settlement state that the $13.5 million purchase must be completed by February 28, 2012. $8 million has been raised to date. If the Trust is unable to raise the remaining funds by the deadline, the current property owner retains the right to build up to 185 homes on the site.


To learn more about Rockville Trails or to make a donation to help secure its future as public trails and open space, see


Americas Favorite
Trail Horse

Tonight a fellow CSHA member is being featured on America's Favorite Trail Horse.  Please watch and vote for her.

On Tuesday, November 8th, you can watch on your computer and vote for a very good friend of mine, Tammi Bernd, and her horse, Gigi #366, for “America's Favorite Trail Horse."  You can watch it by going to the website,, or or you can watch it on your TV on DISH Ch 404.  The one hour show begins at 5 pm and again at 8 pm.  Voting begins at 6 pm following the show and lasts for 48 hours at the website 

You do not have to watch the show to vote.  Email votes only and one vote per email address.  No more than 10 votes per computer.  Please invite your family and friends to vote too!  It's quick, fun and very easy!  When you vote,  make sure to uncheck the vendors on either side of your screen by the voting box, unless of course you want to get information from them!

The winner of the episode will be listed on the website at the end of the 48 hour voting period and will move on to the top ten finalists.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we'll get to vote for Tammi and Gigi #366 in that final round of ten!!!  Remember Tuesday, November 8th, Episode 9, Tammi Bernd & Gigi #366

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